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Buck Athletics Glove Guardian

Buck Athletics Glove Guardian

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Do you have a glove that you just can’t stand to see thrown in your bag or car and left there? If so, you need to get your glove in a Buck Athletics Glove Guardian! Not only is the guardian made with a crush proof case, ensuring that your glove will be protected from anything that’s thrown at it, but it comes with an adjustable ball fixture on the inside of the case, allowing each player to keep their glove’s pocket formed before and after practices and games. With an adjustable strap to keep the glove in place at all times, the Buck Athletics Glove Guardian is a guarantee in keeping your baby in perfect playing condition.

For those of us who don't like to just throw our gloves in our bag and go, Buck Athletics has created the Glove Guardian. The new Buck Athletics Glove Guardian is a light, durable, crush proof case designed to keep safe any baseball or softball glove. The Glove Guardian features an adjustable ball fixture that sits in your gloves pocket to keep it in perfect playing condition. The Glove Guardian also features adjustable straps to keep your glove in place, and a mesh pocket for your smaller accessories.


- Buck Athletics Glove Guardian

- Crush Proof Case

- Light and Durable

- Two Adjustable Ball Fixture to Form Pocket

- Pocket for Keys, Phone, MP3, Etc.

- Name and Number Tag

Buck Athletics Glove Guardian BAGG1

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