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Louisville Slugger Xeno (-9) FastPitch Bat

Louisville Slugger Xeno (-9) FastPitch Bat

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When it comes to fastpitch bats, there is nothing more legendary than the Xeno. These bats have always been crafted in the 2-piece and all-composite design and every single season they deliver the “pop” that nearly every kind of hitter is seeking.

Xenos feature a balanced swing feel overall. And because of that balanced feel, they work great for contact hitters and power hitters. However, we think that power hitters might even be a little more attracted to this bat due to the IST Connection technology that bonds the barrel and handle together. That IST Tech creates a stiff feel when the bat hits a softball and because of that, nearly all the power that a lady puts into their swing will get put into the softball (i.e. very little power will be lost in a flex between the barrel and handle). So if you are a hitter that can slug the softball a little bit and wants a balanced feeling bat...take a shot on a XENO!


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